One of our great clients needed help cleaning out the estate of a deceased relative. This was a massive project. The relative had accumulated a lot of stuff. Generally referred to as hoarding. The following photos don't show the full amount of stuff that was in the home. For the project to go quickly and efficiently, a lot of coordination was necessary between the family and our crew. As with any home, a level of sensitivity is necessary when dealing with family pictures and papers, heirlooms and memories. A lot of items needed to be separated and sorted and kept to the side for the family. 

Nonetheless, with a good crew and several dumpsters, we completed the work in record time!

Massive Hoarder Cleanout - Virginia farmhouse

Getting In


Because there was so much trash and debris, we had to make a path through it all to get in and get started. Fortunately we had the dumpsters placed very close to the door.

Master Bedroom, before


You probably can't tell from the photo. But there is a bed under all that stuff.

Master Bedroom, after


This is the master bedroom after we were done! It'll need a thorough cleaning, fresh paint, and a little handyman work.



Because the trash was so high, we used the "scoop and haul" method to get a lot out at one time.

Main Hallway, before


Even the main hallway had become overrun with stuff.

Main Hallway, after


Now back to being a hallway that can actually be walked through!